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The Story

As I was driving back to Brisbane, the last clusters of fog were dissipating around me, marking the tail end of the morning. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed two trees standing in a paddock on my left. I quickly checked my rearview mirror to make sure there were no cars behind me before slamming on the brakes and pulling over to the side of the road, just barely off the 100 km/h speed limit.

Sitting in the driver's seat, I knew this scene was something special. I reached for my infrared camera and attached the infrared filter to my lens. I visualized in my mind the exact movements I needed to make to compose the shot quickly, as the road was extremely busy.

I stepped out of the car and fired off a quick burst of shots, capturing this image handheld. I titled this photo "Father and Son" because to me, the trees almost seemed like a family of two navigating the foggy expanse before them.



PriceFrom $80.00

    Prints are available for purchase starting from standard A4 sizing up to A1. If you would like to enquire about a larger print please reach out through the contact page. Each print is produced with a 15mm border to allow for a signature if you would like a print without the border and signature on the printed surface please contact me after placing your order.



    A4 is printed to editions of 15

    A3 is printed to editions of 10

    A2 is printed to editions of 5

    A1 is printed to editions of 2



    Printed on the finest archival paper with museum grade inks all limited edition prints are produced with a true Giclée level of quality meaning they will not fade or degrade for a hundred years. Each print is carefully inspected then signed and numbered before shipping to ensure there are no defects or imperfections.

  • Shipping is available internationly via standard tracked post. Additionally local delivery is also available within the Brisbane locality.

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