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Exploring the landscape can evoke a range of emotions - a warm sense of welcome, an eerie feeling of being watched, or an overwhelming sense of danger. These are the experiences that stay with you forever. As a landscape photographer who has spent years wandering the forests and wilds of Queensland, I understand the power of these moments.

Ephemeral is my attempt to capture these ephemeral experiences through photography. I strive to showcase the raw and primal beauty of the landscape, beyond what is immediately visible to the eye. These images are not just representations of reality but an invitation to tap into primal emotions that are deeply ingrained in our psyche.

To me, the natural world is imbued with a spirit that is alive and well in these remote and beautiful places. It's this spirit that I seek to capture in every image, making each one truly unique and evocative. Whether it's the tranquillity of a pristine creek or the wildness of a dense forest, every scene tells a story and invites the viewer to connect with the landscape in a deeply personal way.

Thank you for considering my work, and I hope you find my images as awe-inspiring and evocative as I have found the landscapes that inspired them.

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